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H&R Block - Income Tax App


Key Features: * First of its kind 100% Free Indian income tax filing app* Chat based Next-Gen methodology* Powered by revolutionary intuitive & interactive interface * Integrates seamlessly if you wish to finish using another device* Personalized attention by Birbal, your tax chat buddy, anytime anywhere
H&R Block India Pvt. Ltd. largest individual tax services company in India is revolutionizing the individual tax-filing arena with the launch of ‘TaxChat’ app.
This futuristic app is built using a revolutionary, intuitive & interactive methodology to simplify tax filing for a do-it-yourself filers. Perfectly designed keeping our love for chatting in mind, this app enables filers to e-file their tax returns by simply chatting to a tax buddy, named Birbal.
The newly launched app comes with an array of amazing benefits:
* It integrates seamlessly if you start with the app and wish to complete the tax filing process on a web platform or vice versa.* Chatting ability found in our new app helps users e-file their taxes as easily as they chat online* Income Tax Filing completion status to show e-filing progress* Calculate your income tax liability, understand tax deductions* Claim, explore, plan and track your income tax investments* Access your “My Account” if you are an existing client* Income Tax Calculator to help you calculate your tax liability
The app aims to enhance the overall customer experience in income tax filing, by offering a chat-based feature with personalization and ease.
“Taxchat” is innovated and developed collaboratively in house with inputs and expertise of highly qualified tax advisors of the company.
Join the Revolution!